John the Martyr Academy is an online education provider offering courses in Islamic sciences, in a robust, modern approach, using the latest and most advanced learning tools. Our courses are designed and taught by highly qualified instructors and experts in the seminary with decades of experience in seminary education. The institute is named after the great Christian convert, known simply by his first name, John, the Martyr who defended the greatest of divine values.

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Our Courses

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Why Join Our Online Seminary?

1. Personal Development

We are creatures of ambition, and should’t settle for mediocrity. JM helps you in your journey of self-improvement and provides you with the tools and inspiration to progress on an intellectual & spiritual level. Any life goal should revolve around enhancing our understanding of our world — as well as the one that lies beyond. This puts religion in sharp focus as it represents the central pillar of our identity and the driving force behind our core values.

2. Flexible Learning

Achieving personal goals requires flexibility. In the past, engaging in specialized religious education meant navigating the maze of being in another country and dealing with endless problems. Thanks to modern technology, the same opportunities are now available in the comfort of your home! You can participate in virtual classes as they are being delivered, or watch archived lessons and progress through a course at a time of your choosing.

3. Rewarding & Satisfying

Nothing is more rewarding than the acquisition of knowledge. Prophetic narrations are abundant in the merits and rewards of those who seek to be better informed and thus, find their way in the darkness of an ignorant world. JM makes this journey of discovery and learning an avenue for spiritual growth to the highest summits of divine satisfaction, and therefore, levels of paradise.

4. Growth & Salvation

With all of the benefits brought by the digital age, came a slew of intellectual viruses & spiritual contagions. Finding one’s way requires knowledge and understanding derived from authentic sources. Learning needs to be evidence-based and devoid of irrelevant or even dangerous content. Highly qualified scholars were involved in the development of our syllabus, designing lively and useful courses that inseminate the intellect with divine inspiration, knowledge with action, and ancient heritage with our modern tools.

5. Peer Support

A great advantage of the e-Hawza program is having other students who share your appetite for learning and passion to excell who offer help and support as you grow your knowledge.

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