• You must be at least 18 years of age to enroll.
  • Enrollment is open to both women and men.
  • The documents required for enrollment are: copy of passport and the highest academic degree attained.

Enrollment Process:

You must fill in the enrollment form. If your application is successful you will receive an email with further instructions. You will then receive a welcome letter by email which contains your login information, student ID, and course information.


The enrollment fee for each semester of the Diploma of Islamic Studies program is $199 USD. Exceptional students and those going through financial stress may receive a full or partial scholarship. Simply email us and we will accommodate your needs.

For the Pre-Hawza course (which was offered in 2020 and is composed of over 100 introductory classes in various subjects) the enrollment fees have been waived to allow as many students to benefit from the course. All we ask for is your prayers, and that you try and commit to the sessions and participate in class work. After enrolling, email us at hawza@ahlulbayt.tv and ask for entry in the Pre-Hawza program.

Enrollment Form :

Visit this link to enrol today: https://forms.gle/hVw5asyaJdDZZDMV7