Administration and Faculty:

Dr. Shaikh Hassan Blushi
Dr. Shaikh Hassan BlushiProgram Director, PhD from the University of Exeter
Sayed Ali Radhawi
Sayed Ali RadhawiDars al Kharej Teacher, Faculty Member & Administrator
Sheikh Mohammed Mehdi
Sheikh Mohammed MehdiHawza of Lebanon, Faculty Member
Sayed Hossein Modarresi
Sayed Hossein ModarresiHawza of Mashhad, Faculty Member and Coordinator
Sayed Mahdi Modarresi
Sayed Mahdi ModarresiProgram Coordinator, Faculty Member and Administrator
Sheikh Faiyadh Jaffer
Sheikh Faiyadh JafferHawza of Karbala, New York University Associate Chaplain
Sayed Mostafa Modarresi
Sayed Mostafa ModarresiHawza of Qom, holds MA in Qur’anic Studies
Sayed M. Kadhem Modarresi
Sayed M. Kadhem ModarresiResearcher at Qom Seminary, Academic Adviser & Lecturer
Sayed Ali Khalkhali
Sayed Ali KhalkhaliHawza of Qom, Faculty Member
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Sheikh Mateen Sharbonneau
Sheikh Mateen Sharbonneau Hawza of Karbala, Faculty Member
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Shaikh Amer al-Badri
Shaikh Amer al-Badri