Is there a deadline for enrollment?2019-04-07T21:59:30+03:00

The deadline for enrolling in the course is June 6, 2019.

What is the course schedule?2019-04-07T21:59:40+03:00

The course is divided over two semesters per year, for two years. This means that in 2019 the 1st Semester will begin in the fall (Aug/Sep).

Are there fees associated with the course?2019-04-07T21:50:33+03:00

There is a small enrollment/administration fee to be paid at the beginning of each semester. See the Enrollment page for more information.

Why study at John the Martyr Academy?2019-04-07T21:48:00+03:00

The combination of a bespoke, highly refined curriculum, qualified teachers, English instruction, advanced e-learning portal, and a convenient schedule, all make JM’s program truly unique.

Does the institute award a degree to those who complete the course?2019-04-07T21:45:12+03:00


Yes. Diploma of Islamic Studies is awarded to those who complete the course successfully. This Diploma is recognized by a growing list of traditional seminaries. Using credit gained from courses undertaken online, students can then continue their studies in person and pursue further learning.

Is the course open to everyone?2019-04-07T21:46:34+03:00


The course is open to English speaking Muslims, subject to capacity. All you need is a passion to learn more about Islam! Both women and men are encouraged to enroll.

Can I get a scholarship and have the fees waived?2019-04-07T21:49:19+03:00


We offer a limited number of scholarships or discounts. Students who face financial difficulty may apply for a scholarship by submitting a statement with supporting documentation.

Can I get a refund of the fees if I choose to withdraw from the course?2019-04-07T21:51:20+03:00


Unfortunately, the minimal registration fees are non-refundable.

How can I pay the course fees?2019-04-07T21:52:18+03:00


We offer several different payment methods. Upon enrollment, you will receive an email which provides more details.

Are there fees associated with the course?2019-03-26T19:30:25+03:00

Yes. There are enrollment fees to be paid at the beginning of each semester. See the Fees schedule for more information.

How is my performance assessed?2019-04-07T21:52:46+03:00


Each subject has its own way of assessing students’ performance as well as its specific schedule of tests and assessments. All scores will then be taken into account at the conclusion of the course.

Are classes delivered at specific times?2019-03-26T19:29:23+03:00

Yes; each class is delivered for the first time as per the scheduled. However, each class is then archived and is available for students to watch at any time.

If I have already completed a subject elsewhere, can I be exempt from taking it again?2019-04-07T21:55:32+03:00


If you have successfully completed a particular subject with a recognized teacher or institution, then you may submit a request to be exempt from that subject by sending all relevant information so the academic staff can assess equivalency.

How long is the course and will I be able to take just one class?2019-04-07T21:57:30+03:00


The course spans two years and is designed with flexibility and ease in mind. However, due to the interconnected nature of classes and the need to create a comprehensive understanding of the various fields you cannot select individual units. When you enroll, you must take all classes and successfully complete them in order to receive a certificate.