Course Outline

Our curriculum has been carefully sculpted by highly qualified seminary educators with years of experience in running a theological research institute. The Diploma courseĀ is specifically designed to cater to the fast-paced lifestyle of students, primarily those living in Western countries. These bespoke modules are then delivered online by decorated instructors who are proficient in English. Upon successful completion of the course, a Diploma in Islamic Studies certificate as well as academic transcripts will be issued by the academy.

Below is a summary of the course outline:

Year One :

1- Semester One
2- Islamic Thought & Culture
3- Jurisprudence [Maturity, Emulation, Acts of Worship]
4- Theoretical Qur'anic Contemplation
5- Ethics & Self-Purification
6- Islamic Creed I
1- Semester Two
2- Practical Qur'anic Contemplation
3- Arabic Language (with Quranic Exegesis)
4- Logic & Critical Thinking
5- Jurisprudence II [The Good Life]
6- Islamic Creed II

Year Two:

Semester One
1. Jurisprudence III [Contemporary Juristic Issues]
2. Arabic Language II
3. History of Prophets [Divine Revivals]
4. Legal Theory I
5. Islam & Contemporary Challenges
Semester Two
1. Jurisprudence IV [Marriage & Family Law]
2. Islamic History
3. Project Management
4. Hadith Sciences
5. Juristic Legal Theory (Usool)